Baby Richardson

With one week left until our baby is due, I figured the world needed to see some pictures of his progress.

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

14 Weeks

14 Weeks

23 Weeks

23 Weeks


24 Weeks

25 Weeks

25 Weeks

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

38 Weeks

38 Weeks

As far as I can tell, he likes to hiccup, punch and be awake at night. I can hardly wait to meet him. Before I go to bed, I talk to him and try to convince him that it’s alright to come into the world and that he shouldn’t be scared. So far, he hasn’t listened 🙂

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April and Paul

Our dear friends April and Paul got married last July in Draper, Utah. Andy’s camera died after taking one picture and this is the only picture I have: It pretty much sums up what happened after they came out of the temple: Instagram Overload.

Moyle Wedding

Happy Wedding, Moyles!

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A Wedding and an Anniversary

Last August we traveled to San Francisco for my dear friend’s wedding. The weekend was filled with lots of events starting with a trip to Alcatraz

Alcatraz Us

A bike ride to the Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_0306 IMG_0358

Exploring North Beach

IMG_0404 IMG_0399

Celebrating our one year anniversary at Gorka and Whitney’s wedding. I was asked to play ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen on my violin as Whitney walked down the aisle. It was the most special moment and I could barely keep my tears in. They looked so beautiful and in love.



After the wedding we took a trolley tour of the city before heading to the reception. It was so good to see my friends all in one place again. This is my other sweet roommate, Gazelle.

IMG_0466I couldn’t imagine any other way to spend our anniversary.

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In May we were blessed with a new addition to the Foster family. My brother had this beautiful girl, his first. I love her so much.

  IMG953014 IMG953291 IMG957616 IMG959144 IMG952685 IMG957334 IMG958709 IMG959337

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Last May, Andy and some of his friends Teddy Brosevelt, Yosemite Sam and Mountain Dewd went on a guys trip to Yosemite.

foggyvalleyThey were lucky enough to get to Half Dome right after the poles were put up and the day before the trail opened up. They were the only ones up there for over an hour.

halfdome brandonandyondivingboard andydivingboard

They saw some wildlife.

mikehatchetdeer nephi

Pretty much the best bro trip ever.


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Hello Happiness

Dear World,

I just wanted to let you know that I am filled with feelings of happiness! The days just seem to get better and better and I keep meeting such wonderful people that share these same feelings of happiness. I used to not be so good at making friendships and then maintaining the friendships after one of us moved to another city, country, part of life, etc. Andy keeps mentioning that he really hates meeting people and making friendships only to see them move away a few months or years later. Both of us grew up in itty bitty towns where we had the same friends from preschool to senior year and we rarely had to say goodbye to any of our friends. After high school I moved on to college and barely kept in contact with any of my high school buddies. In college I had a really tight knit group of roommates/friends that I absolutely loved. After we all moved away, I seemed to be the one that forgot to keep in touch.

I take all the blame. I have recently discovered that I have always considered my friend’s friend’s “their friend” and not “my friend”. For clarification: because my friend who I became friends with the old fashioned awkward way of “hi I’m sara, what’s your name? I like your nail polish” introduced me to one of their friends made me feel like I couldn’t be their complete friend. Like on Seinfeld when George and Elaine try to hang out but they realize they were never friends, they were just friends with Jerry. I felt like that with most of the new people I was introduced to. It was extremely awkward and hard for me to open up. I also always found it hard to make conversation with people and always wondered why.

This brings me back to Andy’s comment about hating seeing friends go and move on. I started thinking “why can’t we be friends with them forever even if we don’t live in the same place?” I started thinking about friendships differently and actually wanting to make them work longer than the phase of life I’m in. I found it easier to talk to people and be interested in them and not feeling so awkward telling other people about myself and asking other people about themselves. I have also found that the friendships I made long ago as a kid, in college, out of college and so on can pick up right where they left off if one of us reaches out and says hi.

I love my friends and I’m sorry if you think I fell off the earth. I am trying harder to be a better friend and stay in touch. I think about you all (you know who you are) all the time. You all shaped me into who I am today so it’s impossible to forget you.



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It’s been over a week since I randomly stopped drinking diet soda. I do not think I feel different or that I have more energy or anything else spectacular. Is this normal? Am I supposed to feel better, worse or the same?


If you’re wondering why I had a change of heart on my dear ol diet Pepsi, it’s because I was sick with a sinus infection the week before and did not drink any soda as I was sleeping all day. When I finally awoke from my coma I had a sip of soda and got a headache. I did not want to chance getting that headache again so I did not drink any soda the next day or the next until now. Plus I don’t really have a desire to drink it again.

P.S. I’ve been drinking diet Pepsi since 2003 when I had to use up my dorm food fund and the only easy solution was to buy bottled water and DP.

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